Icebergs are more than meets the eye

There’s more beneath the surface than you think…

When I wrote the 3A Hospitality English Certification Program, I included a section about the cultural iceberg.  The idea is that, culturally speaking, what you see is only the tip of the iceberg… most of the cultural differences stem from what you can’t see, such as religion, upbringing, hopes, values, dreams, biases and experiences.  Try out the interactive exercise below!

This idea actually can apply to MANY other areas of life, and I wanted to bring this to your attention as it crossed my path recently.

In this case, we see “success”, but we don’t see all of the work… the effort, the “wins” and “losses” that come with success.

As 3A English continually grows, I keep thinking about the YEARS of work that has gone into this project, and the hard work the entire team has done to see it grow in success.

The reason I wanted to share this was to remind language learners, teachers, and leaders about the process that needs to happen to achieve anything.  There will be failures.  Students learning a new language will have challenges and disappointments.  With DEDICATION, all of these challenges can be overcome, and success can be achieved.

By James

I'm the creator of the 3A Hospitality English Program and Co-Founder of I lived and taught in China for a few years and am currently back in BC, Canada. Thanks for joining us here, I hope we can learn some cool new things together!