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The 3A Hospitality English Certification Program was designed to give your students the skills and awareness hospitality employers are looking for.

  • FREE teacher resources
  • Full Classroom LMS system with student certification
  • Instructor Workshops and training
  • Textbook/ Workbook purchasing
  • Online resources

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Finally. A better way to teach Hospitality.

Classroom LMS System

Incorporate 3A quizzing, games, grading and more into your classroom
This system is for schools who are on the cutting edge of education. Use 21st Century teaching techniques such as blended learning and flipped classroom systems to maximize the retention for your students and better you passing rates. Student will receive 3A certification upon pass of their final exam.

  • Student Certification Included
  • Reporting, tracking and grading
  • Classroom Communication system
  • Student games and practice exercises
  • Priority one-on-one support

3A Hospitality English Instructor Classroom Resources

3A Learning offers a complete classroom management system, including quizzing, games, online companion course, progress monitors, grades, and more! However, this may not be an option for some classrooms.We want to make sure every teacher and student has the tools to succeed, so we created a set of resources that will help you and your class get the most out of the 3A Hospitality English training material.

  • FREE Instructor Guide
  • Downloadable tests
  • PPTs for all units
  • Course Dialogues
  • Online Resources
  • …and more!

3A Blended Learning Instructor Certification Workshop

Upgrade your Classroom
The 3A Instructor Certification workshop was designed to introduce 21st Century teaching techniques to instructors and familiarize them with the 3A Hospitality English Program (3A HE).The workshop includes two days of intensive training, with an online companion course / Online exam. Attendees create video demonstrating skills then upload for evaluation & feedback.
Instructors who finish the course receive a certificate of completion. Those who receive 80% or higher on their video submission receive 3A Certified Instructor status. Learn More

  • 21st Century teaching methods
  • Upgrade your teaching skills
  • Utilize the full potential of the 3A Classroom LMS and Course Builder
  • Classroom set up and group management
  • Practical teaching & discussion tips
  • Mock classroom group projects

Order Books

Order Books – Bulk Discounts Available

Purchase quality 3A materials for your class.
Real world examples, Hospitality English, and relevant scenarios fill the pages of this training manual-like textbook. The language is direct and efficient, focusing on service and cultural awareness.The textbook is conceptual and gives examples, while the workbook expands on key ideas and language points, ensuring the learner has understood and can apply the English in the lessons.

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