HTMP Online Companion Course

Start your Adventures in Hospitality

An online, interactive, and FUN companion course for the Award winning HTMP Program

70+ videos to enhance the learning experience!

Meet Jason. Jason is a recent graduate from a Tourism school and begins his adventures in hospitality at the BIG Hotel. Follow Jason as he gets a job, gets promotions, travels the world… even gets married!

This video series adds a story line to the HTMP program, but follows the textbooks closely over the entire two year program. It reinforces the learning with online interactive elements, presented in a fun and exciting new way. See the first video below!

Learning Management System Integration

The HTMP Online Companion Course not only includes fun, interactive learning videos.  It also includes a complete tracking and grading system!  See your students’ progress, communicate with the class, mark short essays, download quiz results for grades, and more!

Included in the Package


  • Two years of content (16 chapters per year)
  • Each chapter contains 1-3 videos, a quiz, an essay quiz (short answer), and an interactive practice exercise.
  • Well over 300 minutes of video learning
  • Gamefication elements, points and achievements

Classroom Management

  • Includes the 3A Learning Management System
  • Track activity and completion of your students
  • Organize students by classes.  Easily add or remove students
  • Grade essays and communicate feedback to your students
  • No more marking!  Use our quizzing system to grade students: 1 quiz per chapter
  • Receive training on the system and on using 21st Century Teaching skills in the classroom

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