Course tutorial

Courses generally have three elements:

  • Units
  • Exercises
  • quizzes.


On the course page, you can see everything the course contains.  Units hold all of your exercises, including unit quizzes.  You can quickly see how far along you are in your course with the course progress bar.  Quizzes shown on the course page are your final quizzes for the whole course.

Course Navigation

The Course Navigation menu shows everything in the course, so you can jump to any section quickly, without having to go back to the course page or your dashboard.


On the unit page, you’ll see all of the exercises that you need to complete to finish the unit.  When you finish an exercise, you’ll automatically go to the next one in the unit.


At the bottom of the exercise page, you’ll see arrow navigation which allows you to go back or forward to the previous or next exercise.  You’ll also see a button that says, “save and continue”.  The “save and continue” button is very important.  It controls your completion of the exercise!  Make sure to click it when you are finished the exercise.


You will find Quizzes at the end of units and courses.  The scores are recorded, and if you’re using 3A in a class, can be used for grades.  The Save and Continue button is also very important here.  It will submit your score.

On some quizzes, you can click the “view questions” button to see what you got wrong, and what you may want to work on in the future.