3A Final Exam process and tutorial


When you’re ready to take your final exam for the 3A Hospitality English Certification Program, you must first register for the exam to be taken at one of our testing centres. If you are registering as a class, your school will set up your test.  If you are challenging the test on your own, you can contact us to schedule your exam.  You will receive an email confirming the date and time of your test.

Exam Details

On the day of the exam, you will need to bring your national ID card for your proctor to check and verify your identity.  You will have three hours to complete your exam.

QUESTION TYPE:  Written Questions

Your test is comprised of two sections, a written exam, and an oral exam.  The written exam tests your knowledge of the 3A Hospitality English course, service scenarios, and English.  All questions are in “single choice” format, meaning only one correct choice.  You start by taking the written exam first.

Oral & Video Questions

The oral section of your test is comprised of two types of questions: Oral and Video.  The oral questions record audio of you speaking.  The video questions use the computer’s web camera to record you, so make sure to show professionalism!

  1. TUTORIAL:  You can click the tutorial link and review how to answer the questions.
  2. ADJUST CAMERA:  It is a good idea to check your positioning relative to the camera to make sure you are centred and that your full head and shoulders are in view.
  3. QUESTION AREA:  The question area will have a variety of content.  It may be a video you are tasked to respond to, a scenario you need to act out, or an image with text.

Oral/ Video Question Attempts

When you are ready to answer the question, you press the “record now” button.  When the countdown (3…2…1) is finished, the recording will begin.

During some questions, you may have the opportunity to “try again”, meaning you can re-record your answers.  Here are the types:

  1. Auto-record:  As soon as the video or audio file has finished playing, your camera will begin recording and you will only have one attempt
  2. Numbered attempts:  Some questions you will see how many attempts you have, meaning you can review and re-try if you weren’t happy.  Some questions you will only have one attempt, while others may have unlimited attempts.
    Example:  You are asked to describe a restaurant dish.  You have 3 attempts to record your answer.

NOTE:  Once you have decided to “try again”, your previous recording will be lost!  Be careful “trying again” as your second recording may not be as good as the first, and it is too late to go back.


When you have finished your exam, it will be sent to be evaluated by our Evaluation team.  Our goal is to get you your results within two weeks.  The written exam is graded immediately, and can be viewed on the My account page.  When we have finished evaluating your recordings, an email will be sent to notify you of your score.

Good luck on the exam!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.