China International travel departures by far outnumber the rest of the world [Video]

China will continue to dominate international travel into 2030

I recently found this visualization on and found it interesting to see just how much China has made an impact in global travel.  Here at 3A English, we mainly focus on training to help domestic staff communicating with travellers coming INTO China, but it’s amazing to see just how many people are travelling OUT of China.  Perhaps we need to add a new set of training materials for Chinese International Tourists… 🙂

Globally, there has been consistent growth in international travel.  As such, travel business leaders need to have an understanding of where future visitors are coming from.  China has risen to be the largest country for outbound travel in 2012.  Industry leaders will need to continue to develop new ways of  dealing with, and catering to, the cultural shift in travellers.  Wants and needs will continue to change, so having a good understanding of visitors’ cultural background will be essential.  Businesses will need to update their communication and language standards, and embrace new technologies.

The Future Of International Travel

So where will international travel be in 10 years?  I had imagined by 2030 that all people would be flying around with jetpacks and spaceships.  Although this is not quite the case, there have been significant advances in technologies, such as this Flying-V wing style plane right out of a science fiction movie.

Who will be travelling in this plane by 2030?  Here’s some interesting visuals from the World Economic Forum to show us.

First, let’s look at outbound tourism.  As in the video above, China will continue to dominate outbound international travel.

Travel Destinations of the future

With all of these increases in travel, where will people be going?  It looks like China again for the “top destination” by 2030.

So what does this mean for us, as educators and industry professional?  It means a LOT of work!  It means a LOT of change!  It means a continued growth in our industry into the long-term future.  It means some fantastic opportunities for the next generation of hospitality professionals.

3A English is proud to be part of helping shape this future, as an official sponsor of the upcoming 2019-2020 HEAD International Competition and 2020 HEAD Summit (Hospitality Education and Development).  Find out more about this amazing gathering of minds at


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