3A Hospitality English Certification

Awareness. Attitude. Adaptability.

Real world examples, Hospitality English, and relevant scenarios fill the pages of this training manual like textbook. The language is direct and efficient, focusing on Service and Cultural Awareness.

The Certification Process

In today’s competitive lodging industry, service is everything. Staff need to be able to provide the “WOW!” factor… where a guest’s experience exceeds their expectations.

The 3A Hospitality English Certification Program focuses on international service standards, and the English needed to create the best impression when working on a resort property or in an executive hotel. The program emphasizes cultural awareness and use of ‘polite speech’ to appropriately deal with guests from around the world.


Real world examples, Hospitality English, and relevant scenarios fill the pages of this training manual like textbook. The language is direct and efficient, focusing on service and cultural awareness.


The textbook is conceptual and gives examples, while the workbook expands on key ideas and language points, ensuring the learner has understood and can apply the English in the lessons.

Online resources

3A English offers an array of learning tools to aid in the experience of our teachers and students.

  • Audio / Video
  • Interactive videos, slideshows, games, and quizzes
  • Important points from the textbook presented in a fun and visual way
  • Community interaction
  • Complete classroom management system (quizzes, grades, reports)
  • Workshops
  • Online Job board
  • New content continuously added!

Instructor’s Guide & PPTs

The teacher’s guide makes it easy for educators to get the most out of the 3A Hospitality English Program. The guide gives teachers course timelines they can follow (36/ 45/ 60 hour programs or 72 hour+ broken over two semesters) depending on their students, allowing them to ensure the most important information is emphasized. Each Unit is broken down into 45 minute lesson modules and gives step-by-step instructions on how to teach, what resources are available, even reading assignments and homework!


Along with traditional knowledge based assessment (Multiple Choice or True/False), 3A uses testing centres with computers equipped with microphones and cameras. Students watch a scenario video or are asked a question and their responses are recorded, simulating real life interactions. These recordings are then sent to evaluators.


Upon passing the certification exam, students become 3A members and receive their pin and certificate. They now have access to our VIP career centre.

Career Centre

Staff that understand international service and can communicate in English are in high demand. 3A Hospitality English certification gives an additional accreditation to the student, trusted by employers. The job board creates a meeting space for a special select group of international hotels to recruit, and our members apply for the best hospitality jobs in China.

Benefits to the trainee

  • Higher paying job
  • More opportunity for advancement
  • Promotes pride, professionalism, and self esteem
  • Cultivates cultural awareness
  • Certified Trainees exposed and recommended to quality employers

Benefits to the employer

  • Consistently higher levels of guest satisfaction
  • Confident, knowledgeable staff
  • Better base for targeted in house training
  • Shorter training time
  • Certifiable standard of hospitality and service related English skills