Forum FAQ

How do I create an account?

In order to post or comment in this forum, you first need to have an account at You can register here. If you already have an account, then please bear in mind that we strongly don’t want anyone to actively use more than one account in parallel.

I have the same problem! Can I just reply to someone else’s post with “Me too”?

We’d rather you didn’t.

We recommend everyone make a new topic, just for themselves, unless they are absolutely certain the problem is the same.

Where should I put my post?

The forum is organized in sections, with each forum having its own one-line description on the forum front page. Try to pick the section that makes the most sense and post there. You can start a new topic by clicking the “Add New »” button to the right of the section’s title.

Please only post once, so the volunteers don’t get spread too thin trying to answer you multiple times.

What do I put in the title of my post?

A descriptive title is best, as that will attract people who think they may know the answer right away. Generic titles are much less effective.

How do tags work?

Tags are ways we use to organize posts to attract the right helpers.

That means your tags should be chosen wisely and carefully. Tags should be separated by commas.

Why did a post disappear?

At times, posts are archived in order to hide them from public consumption. We archive posts and reviews that are in violation of the guidelines. Sometimes this is done without apparent warning, as moderators have the ability to reply to closed and archived posts and may have left a reply you cannot see. Also sometimes posts are removed because a user has been warned previously not to do a thing (like make multiple posts) and they did it again. We always delete spam.

We try not to delete useful posts, but if there are legal issues, or harassment cases, we may do so to protect the people involved.

How do I report abuse or spam in the forums?

You can report the post by using the “Report” button found on the sidebar of every forum post. That alerts the moderators that their attention is needed.

Please don’t abuse this. It’s meant for issues in that post only, not for general personal issues.