Getting Started Guide: INSTRUCTORS

Hello! Thanks for joining us on This page will help you get started using your account.

Create your account

Creating your new 3A instructor account is easy.

Manage your account

Your My Account page is you main dashboard, and includes your resources, enrolled courses, downloads, membership information and more!  This is where you will find all of your official account information.


Our documentation centre will help answer your questions about the site, and how to use our resources. It’s always a great place to start if you’re unsure how to do something.

Instructor resources

Instructors have access to a large selection of resources they can use in class, such as the instructor guide, the 3A Hospitality English STUDENT course and more.

Instructor certification

Instructors can now become certified 3A Instructors! Upgrade your teaching skills,
utilize the full potential of the 3A Program and achieve a higher passing rate.

3A STUDENT Certification

Help your students learn more about the certification process and the 3A examination system.


The forums are the best way to communicate your questions.  You can talk about courses, have general conversations about the hospitality industry, or talk about anything English!  Instructors have access to our private instructor’s forum, where you can talk with other 3A Instructors from around the country.