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Course Description

The 3A Instructor Certification workshop was designed to introduce 21st Century teaching techniques to instructors and familiarize them with the 3A Hospitality English Program (3A HE).

Completion Requirements

To receive a Certificate of Completion for the Instructor workshop, you must complete a multiple choice test (minimum score of 60%) and a video assignment.

The test is a pre-requisite for the video assignment, meaning if you do not pass the test, you will not be able to submit your video assignment.  You will need to retake the course.  Upon successful completion of the course, we will send your completion certificate.

Certification Requirements

To get the 3A Certified Instructor designation, you must complete the workshop including the test and the video assignment.

  • Test score of 60% or higher is required
  • Video Score 0f 80% or higher is required

Upon successful completion of the course, we will send your certification certificate.


If you did not pass, or did not achieve certification, you can re-take the portion that you had difficulty on.  Please contact us for pricing and to set up a re-take.


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By James

I'm the creator of the 3A Hospitality English Program and Co-Founder of I lived and taught in China for a few years and am currently back in BC, Canada. Thanks for joining us here, I hope we can learn some cool new things together!